What We Are About

The purpose of the Funeral Consumers Alliance of South Central Pennsylvania (FCASCP) is to obtain and encourage, by education and other suitable means, dignity, simplicity and economy in funeral practices. 

National affiliation
The Alliance is a member of the Funeral Consumers Alliance (FCA) (
click here to visit the national FCA website at www.funerals.org) which is a national organization of memorial and funeral consumer societies.

As a member of FCA, the FCASCP participates in national reciprocal agreements, which entitles Alliance members to transfer from one alliance to another without payment of membership fees.  Additionally, Alliance members are entitled to receive standard services from other Alliances should a member die while traveling in the territory served by another Alliance.

The FCASCP has approximately 450 members.  The Alliance is a Pennsylvania non-profit corporation, governed by a nine-member board of trustees {
click here to see our current Board of Trustees}.  Its officers are the president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary elected by the board members.  The Alliance members who attend the annual meeting elect three trustees each year for three-year terms.  The Alliance’s annual meeting is held in late spring or summer in the Harrisburg area.  Membership records are maintained by the secretary and financial records by the treasurer.Item Thumbnail

The Alliance maintains an office at 1280 Clover Lane, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and has recording telephone answering and electronic mail service.  All services are provided by our volunteers.  Office space is proved through the courtesy of the Unitarian Church of Harrisburg (
click here to visit their website). 

The Funeral Consumers Alliance of South Central Pennsylvania was organized in 1965 and consists of individuals and families throughout the area who support the purposes, and share in the benefits, of the Alliance.  The name of the organization was changed in 2008 from the Memorial Society of Greater Harrisburg to Funeral Consumers Alliance of South Central Pennsylvania, consistent with the changed name of its national and other affiliations.  Memorial societies were originally established to help members make arrangements for a simple, dignified funeral, but today, usually identified as Alliances, they also address planning for disposition of the body.