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There is no membership fee to become a member of the Funeral Consumers Alliance of South Central Pennsylvania.  Financial support for the operation of the FCASCP is proved by contributions of its members and friends.  If you find the information we present to be of value, please consider making an annual contribution to enable us to continue.  Member financial contributions are deductible on federal income tax reports.  While not required, you can click here to display and print a contribution form.  Contributions may be sent to:

Funeral Consumers Alliance of South Central Pennsylvania
1280 Clover Lane
Harrisburg PA 17113-1908

Membership in the FCASCP, a member Alliance of the national Funeral Consumers Alliance, is open to all persons who support the purpose of the Alliance, which is “to obtain and encourage . . . dignity, simplicity, and economy in funeral practices.”  There is no membership fee.  Members are entitled to vote at annual meetings of the society.   (
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For additional information on services provided by the Alliance, please contact the Alliance at (717) 564-8507 or

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We appreciate your keeping us updated on personal information changes.  It is to your advantage in gaining maximum benefit from your membership.

Transferring membership

The national Funeral Consumers Alliance maintains a list of all U.S. regional and state Alliances {}.  FCASCP can also identify the contact information for Alliances around the country.  We can also confirm your membership if another Alliance requires it.