What we offer

Information on funeral and burial planning
The FCA of SCPa assists its members to plan and conduct suitable funeral arrangements that are appropriate to each individual’s wishes.  Assistance is provided in the form of current information on funeral and burial planning (
Click here for funeral & burial planning), body and organ donation (Click here for Organ and body donation), and funeral-related regulations and statutes. 

Negotiated prices
Three negotiated plans of funeral arrangements are available to members through agreements {
Click here to see our listing of local funal service prices ) between FCASCP and its cooperating funeral directorsMembers are free to choose one of these plans, to develop alternatives or modifications to these plans, or to personalize a do-it-yourself option.

Advance planning documentation
Soon, this website will contain a section of forms to assist in advance planning and to record funeral arrangents. 

At the annual meetings of our organization, speakers on the legal aspects of funeral and cemetery considerations and on alternative funeral planning have provided our members with a wealth of insight and knowledge.

No direct arrangements or financial responsibility
The FCASCP does not directly make arrangements for, nor does it directly provide burial, cremation, or funeral services.  Arrangements for all such services must be made by the member or the member’s family representative directly with one of the cooperating funeral directors, with another funeral director, or as personally or family-developed.

The FCASCP assumes no financial or legal responsibility for the selection of arrangements, or for the payment of fees or changes negotiated with a funeral director, cemetery or crematory, or for the final disposition of any remains or cremains.  The FCASCP does not make arrangements for body or organ donation.

Advance planning recommended, regardless of age
Give consideration to, and communicate with loved ones regarding, elements such as:Item Thumbnail

  •  Funeral and burial
  • Traditional or standard
  • Where your stuff is:  will, banks, insurance, etc.
  • Distribution of possessions
  • Location
  • Speakers
  • Readings
  • Letters to your loved ones
  • Music
  • Memories and Values
  • Photos
  • Writing

The resources on this and related sites are considerable.  Reflection on your preferences is a fruitful personal development process.  Advance planning can also save considerable money.  Pre-need payments to funeral establishments rarely accomplish this.